1. PerfectDraft: A new focus on PerfectDraft

    Important Announcement Regarding Beer Hawk

    We have some important and exciting news from our Managing Director, Matt Lane:

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  2. Spring Rewards: How it works

    Spring Rewards: How it Works

    Over the last few months, we’ve spent a lot of time speaking to members of our PerfectDraft community about loyalty & rewards.

    Something we’re really passionate about is rewarding our most loyal customers and you’ve given us some great feedback and ideas on how we can do this.

    We’re now excited to announce the launch of our ‘Spring Rewards’ program.

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  3. Must Try Kegs Part 2. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

    Must Try Kegs - Part 2.

    We’re back for the second edition of ‘Must Try Kegs’. Last week we spotlighted three fantastic kegs from our MultiTRY range and this week is no different. From a personal favourite lager of mine, to a couple of flavour sensations, take a read through why we think you have to try these three.
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  4. New Corona Cero alcohol free beer keg

    The PerfectDraft Corona Cero keg, the first alcohol-free beer in the PerfectDraft range

    We'vejust expanded our range even further on PerfectDraft, with Corona Cero, the first alcohol-free beer in a 6L keg. You've enjoyed the traditional beer, now Corona is back with an alcohol-free variant of one of the world's most famous beers, without compromising on taste.

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  5. Must Try Kegs Part 1. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

    Must Try Kegs - Part 1.

    We know too well how easy it is to find your favourite tipple, fall in love and only have eyes for one or two different kegs. There’s something great about discovering new flavours and styles, so for part 1 of this series we've picked 3 of our MultiTRY lineup to showcase.

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  6. How to set up PerfectDraft Pro title with a PerfectDraft Pro and Pint of Beer

    How to set up PerfectDraft Pro

    Are you looking for some help on setting up your PerfectDraft Pro? Well you've come to the right place! We've got some handy videos, links to FAQs and troubleshooting, which will help make sure you're ready for Pourtime in no time.
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  7. PerfectDraft - The true cost of a pint

    Did you know the price of a pint on PerfectDraft starts from just £2.32? Let us show you how.
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  8. Power-Saving Mode for PerfectDraft Pro: New Feature Released November 2022

    New Power-Saving Features for PerfectDraft Pro

    You asked, we listened. After receiving feedback that customers wanted a way to lower the energy consumption of their new beer machine, we worked towards an update to do just that. Now you can tell your PerfectDraft Pro when to save energy and when to keep your beer at the perfect drinking temperature.
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  9. PerfectDraft Beer Machine Power-Saving Tips & Tricks

    6 Simple Ways to Minimize PerfectDraft Energy Consumption & Save On Your Electric Bill

    When you own a PerfectDraft machine, you can enjoy perfectly poured pints of beer from the comfort of your home at a price that will make your wallet happy. But did you know that there are a few things you could be doing to drop the price of a pint even lower? By following these energy usage best practices, you can lower your monthly energy bill and still have fresh, chilled beer on tap whenever you want…without ever leaving the couch!
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  10. Getting The Most Out Of PerfectDraft: Get Match-Day Ready

    We’ve all been there, surprise visits from family, they spot your PerfectDraft sitting away holding your beer and the classic “Oh, what’s that you’ve got over there” line pops out. You know full well you’ve already dug into your last keg of Stella Artois and you haven’t even had a chance to order your next batch.

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  11. Getting The Most Out Of PerfectDraft: Express Credit

    If you don’t fancy waiting 5-10 days for your Beer Tokens after returning your empties, you can now get them within 24 hours of handing them over to the courier! It’s dead simple, here’s how:
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  12. Returning Your PerfectDraft - Box Assembly Instructions

    Are you trading in your Philips PerfectDraft Machine, Dan our Community Manager has a step by step guide to building the returns box.
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  13. Learn everything you need to know about PerfectDraft

    If you find yourself reading this, it’s probably for one of two reasons. Either you’ve made the sound decision and invested in a Phillips PerfectDraft Machine and want to learn more about it; or it could be that you’re still on the fence and are asking yourself “Should I buy a PerfectDraft?”. Hopefully this nifty little guide will put your mind at ease and quell any doubts or concerns you have.
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