The future of beer?

Perhaps, perhaps not – but we’ll certainly see a lot of super-smooth nitro beers over the next year. We chat to pioneers Left Hand Brewing to find out exactly why the nitro process makes beer taste amazing

What is nitro beer? Nitrogen is tasteless, odourless, colourless, and inert. It’s the impact of nitrogen on the mouthfeel and texture of beer that changes the flavour perception. Because it has minimal solubility it forms lots of tiny bubbles in your glass, in stark difference to larger CO2 bubbles. So when the beer is dispensed, a cascade of these tiny nitrogen bubbles is unleashed, gliding upwards to reveal the body and build a tight, thick head. Nitro beer is a great exercise in how changing one parameter, the gas, can affect the whole beer-drinking experience.

Why does Nitro work for Milk Stout? With Milk Stout Nitro, the silky mouthfeel and creaminess of a nitrogenated beer is a great canvas for the mocha roast and milk chocolate notes of our sweet stout. It’s a win- win for the style – like adult chocolate milk!

Why #PourHard? The Left Hand Nitro series is unique among the many nitro products on the market in that we don’t use a widget to release the gas inside the beer. Instead, we encourage beer drinkers to ‘hard pour’ their beer, by pouring it at a 180° angle into a pint glass. We use our tagline ‘Pour Hard’ on all Nitro materials. ‘Keep Cold, Pour Hard’ is on the bottle caps, and there’s an upside down bottle on a six-pack carrier illustrating the hard pour.