Remember the childhood excitement of opening a new door on your advent calendar every day in the run up to Christmas? It gave each day a little sparkle of festive magic, even though those tiny chocolates behind the doors were always a bit rubbish. How would you like to recapture that childhood magic, but with bottles of delicious beer instead of powdery chocolate? Sounds amazing, right? In that case, you need to get your hands on our Craft Beer Advent Calendar.

Containing 25 bottles of fantastic beer from all over the world, the Craft Beer Advent Calendar guarantees you a very hoppy Christmas with pale ales, pilsners, saisons, stouts, IPAs, weissbiers, dubbels, tripels and more. We're not going to tell you exactly which beers are hiding inside its 25 separate compartments - that would spoil the surprise! - but expect to discover beers from world class breweries, brewed exclusively for Beer Hawk. This year’s advent calendar boasts unique craft beers, including a few collaborations from some of the best breweries in Europe.

We've only got a very limited stock of Craft Beer Advent Calendars and they're selling fast, so get your order in quickly before they all fly out of the warehouse on the Beer Hawk sleigh. The price includes free delivery, so what are you waiting for? Order now, and make those 25 days leading up to Christmas as jolly as they should be. Ho ho ho!

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