Whether you’re trying to find a loophole in your “only drink on the weekends” New Year’s resolution or you’re really giving this dry January phenomenon a go, alcohol-free beers are a great way to help you meet your goals. While, admittedly, alcohol-free beers haven’t enjoyed the best reputation in the past we think they’ve come a long way thanks to new brewing techniques that keep flavour and body in the beer.

Franziskaner Alcohol-Free is one of the best examples to show that low-alcohol doesn’t mean low-flavour. Indeed, this weissbier won Gold at the 2015 World Beer Awards for an alcohol-free wheat beer. This satisfying beer is full-bodied and really delivers in the flavour department: lovely notes of citrus, banana and spice are unmistakable and a lively carbonation brings it all straight to the forefront.  
While in days past stripping out the alcohol meant stripping out the flavour, mouthfeel and even the enjoyment, brewers the world-over are now putting their skills to work creating fantastic alcohol-free beers for those who may be avoiding alcohol for one reason or another. Since alcohol-free beers may actually have a scant amount of alcohol – the Franziskaner has 0.5% – they still must be enjoyed responsibly. Yet, whether you’re a designated driver or sticking to that resolution, a gratifying beer like the Franziskaner Alcohol-Free Weissbier is a delightful way to continue to drink sensibly and deliciously.