Every year, Beer Hawk releases a lineup of limited edition craft beer mixed cases for the holiday season. This year's lineup of festive Christmas beer gifts is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Beer Hawk Christmas Gift Guide 2021
2021 Christmas Beers Comparison Chart
Christmas Beer Mixed Case # of Beers Beer Styles Includes Glass? Includes Snack? Fits in Christmas Stocking? Price
(subject to change)
Beer Hawk Christmas Gift Box 5 4 - IPA
1 - Pilsner
Yes Yes No £20
Christmas Lager Crate 12 12 - Lagers Yes No No £32
Christmas Craft Beer Case 12 4 - IPA
3 - Pale Ale
4 - Lager
1 - Stout
Yes No No £32
Christmas Yard of Ale 8 2 - IPA
1 - Pale Ale
2 - Lager
1 - Pilsner
1 - Stout
1 - Wheat Beer
No No Yes - a big stocking :) £24
Beer Hawk Discovery Gift Crate 5 2 - IPA
1 - Pale Ale
1 - Lager
1 - Porter
Yes Yes No £20
Christmas Beer Canister 3 2 - IPA
1 - Lager
No No Yes £10
2021 Beer Advent Calendar 25 Secret! Enjoy one new beer per day from 1-25 December No No No £85

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  5. Discovery Beer Christmas Case
  6. Christmas Beer Stocking Filler Canister
  7. 2021 Beer Advent Calendar
  8. PerfectDraft Home Keg System

Christmas Beer Gift Box

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This small but complete beer gift box is a great option for anyone on your list. Beer, chocolate, and a beer glass…what more could you ask for?


”Got this for my partner and he is going to love it. Hes a big beer fan, this box has a good selection of beers and a lovely little glass to drink it from.” –Emma, 09/12/2019


  • Contains five exceptional craft beers, a tasting glass, and decadent chocolate pretzel bites.
  • 4 IPAs, 1 Pilsner
  • Craft beers from five different breweries
  • One of Beer Hawk’s best sellers year after year
  • Perfect Christmas gifts for friends, families, co-workers, and beer drinking acquaintances.

Buy the Beer Hawk Christmas Gift Box

Yard of Ale

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New to the seasonal lineup this year is the infamous Yard of Ale, a Christmas miracle you won't want to pass up. The lucky gift recipient will get to enjoy 8 beers stacked on top of each other in this 36-inch-long novelty, festive box that can fit into a large stocking with care.

”Novel gift with good quality products. Easy to order and service and delivery excellent!” –Sue, 10/06/2020


  • Contains eight brilliant beers in a novelty Christmas box
  • 2 IPAs,1 Pale Ale, 2 Lagers, 1 Pilsner, 1 Stout, 1 Wheat Beer
  • Makes a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for any beer lover on your list
  • Delivered in peek-proof packaging for the perfect Christmas beer surprise

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Christmas Craft Beer Mixed Crate

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Back by popular demand, this mixed case is packed with 12 crafty, hoppy beers to drink during the holiday season.

Christmas Craft Beer Mixed Case 2021

”A really good variety in this selection. All tasted really nice and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice gift idea or just for themselves.” –Joshua, 01/01/2020


  • Contains: 4 IPAs, 4 lagers, 3 pale ales, 1 stout
  • Shipped to your door in “peek-proof” packaging
  • Balanced variety of hoppy and light craft beers make up this limited edition mixed case
  • 12 unique craft beers from 12 different breweries around the world
  • Ideal for beer drinkers who regularly visit breweries to try the latest brew.

Christmas Lager Crate

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Lager lovers, unite! This mixed case contains 12 exquisite lagers only available during the holiday season. While all these lagers are packed with big flavours, this is a great case to get if you’re not quite sure what styles of beer the lucky gift recipient enjoys the most – every beer is light and refreshing!

2021 Lager Christmas Mixed Case


  • Mixed beer case of 12 unique lagers
  • Crushable beers, ranging from 4.2% to 5.2% ABV
  • Craft beers from 12 different breweries across Europe
  • Limited edition, delivered in “peek-proof” packaging

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Discovery Beer Gift Crate

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Exciting new addition to the 2021 Christmas lineup! Includes an IPA, NEIPA, Porter, Lager, and Pale Ale. In addition to this cracking lineup of beers, this beer gift box also includes a Beer Hawk glass and complimentary chocolate covered pretzels for the perfect Christmas treat.

Christmas Discovery Crate 2021 Beer Box


  • Mixed beer case of 5 unique craft beers, chocolate pretzels, and a beer glass
  • Wide variety of beer styles great for any craft beer lover
  • Budget-friendly beer gift that can be popped under a tree or wrapped up and exchanged at a Secret Santa gift swap.

Buy the Discovery Beer Gift Crate

Christmas Beer Stocking Filler Canister

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This is, hands down, the best stocking filler for anyone who loves beer. Three craft beers neatly packaged in a festive canister, ready to pop into a stocking or under the tree!

christmas beer stocking filler 2021

”Fantastic idea for a gift! Good selection of beer - works well as a stocking filler or secret santa gift.” –Chris, 28/12/2019


  • The beers: Hawk Hazy IPA (Fierce Brewery & Beer Hawk collaboration), Hells Lager (Camden Town Brewery), and Goose Island IPA (Goose Island Brewery)
  • Budget friendly; high value and low cost!
  • Sleek canister fits into a stocking
  • Ships to your door in discreet packaging so you won’t ruin any surprises
  • Great stocking filler for friends, coworkers, and beer drinking acquaintances. It’s also the perfect last-minute gift for all the procrastinators out there.

Buy the Beer Christmas Canister

2021 Beer Advent Calendar

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Beer Hawk’s top-selling gift and the UK’s most popular beer Advent Calendar with more than 55,000 happy customers over the past three years. This year, each of the 25 beers in the Advent calendar has been brewed exclusively for Beer Hawk, meaning you can’t get this mixed case anywhere else! If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, this is the one for you.

2021 Advent Beer Calendar

”I was so excited every morning to open my calendar, pop the beer in the fridge and then enjoy at home in the evening. Brilliant selection.” –Andrew, 29/01/2020


  • Designed to enjoy a new beer each day throughout the entire Advent season which runs until Christmas.
  • 25 beers brewed exclusively for Beer Hawk that you can’t get anywhere else
  • Tour the world by experiencing craft beer from many different countries across Europe
  • Shipped in festive, branded “Beery Christmas” shock-resistant packaging
  • Limited quantities available only at Beer Hawk
  • This advent calendar truly has something in it for everyone. Whether you’re buying it as a gift for a loved one or would rather keep it to yourself (we won’t judge), the variety of cracking beers in this unique gift won’t disappoint.

Order the 2021 Christmas Beer Advent Calendar

PerfectDraft Home Keg System

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Give the gift of a home bar this Christmas with a PerfectDraft bundle. The PerfectDraft machine pours 10 perfect pints per keg and is a staple for any beer lover…especially during a time when we can’t go to the local pubs and breweries!

PerfectDraft Home Keg System with Craft and Commercial Beer Kegs

”Bought for me as a gift from my wife in January. Absolutely love it! Every keg I have had tastes better than from a bottle or can and is often as good as/better than on tap in the pub. Hardly any effort needed to keep it clean too. Perfect.” –Michael, 16/06/2020


  • More than 40 beer kegs available at Beer Hawk
  • Home tap system keeps beer fresh for 30 days
  • Keeps beer chilled to 3°C
  • Craft and commercial styles available, including Stella Artois, Budweiser, Tiny Rebel, Thornbridge and more!
  • Pub-quality beer at half the cost
  • Return your PerfectDraft kegs to Beer Hawk to earn £5 of Beer Tokens for each keg you return.

Who It’s For

Looking to show a special someone just how much you love them this Christmas? A PerfectDraft machine is the best gift for a beer-drinking husband, wife or loved one who deserves premium draught beer at home.


Kegs start at £30.50, Machine and bundles vary

PerfectDraft Keg and Machine Options

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Craft Beer Gifts for Everyone

No matter your budget, Beer Hawk’s 2020 lineup of beer Christmas gifts has something everyone will love! Still not sure what to buy? Let your loved one pick out their own beer gift with a Beer Hawk Gift Voucher. Happy holidays!