Tasting beer is a very personal experience – we’re all different after all – but here at Beer Hawk we have our opinions. Here’s some of our favourite beers right now...

Wheat Beer

Brewed (obviously!) using large amounts of wheat, wheat beers come in several forms. Alongside varieties like German Hefeweizens and Berliner Weisse, a couple of the more prominent styles are the Belgian Witbiers and the Classic American Wheat. While each style is brewed with a significant amount of wheat, other factors such as the standard yeast strain or hops used can significantly change the characteristics of the style.

Celis White / 5%

The Celis White is an award-winning, classic witbier with a convoluted history. The original founder of the Hoegaarden brewery, Pierre Celis, took his recipe and the Celis brand from Belgium to Austin, Texas in 1992. The Celis White pours a cloudy goldenstraw colour with a foamy white head. Classic notes of coriander, lemon, orange are complemented by a lightly sweet grainy malt character. Faintly tart with a low bitterness, this witbier is light and lively.

Lefebvre / Blanche de Bruxelles / 4.5%

Established in Wallonia, Belgium 1876, the Brasserie Lefebvre has survived two World Wars and has passed through six generations of the Lefebvre family. Through the decades the brewery has had an ever-expanding portfolio of beers with the blond wheat beer, Blanche de Bruxelles, appearing in 1989. Blanche de Bruxelles’ Witbier is a wonderful light refresher that pours a hazy straw-colour. It is brewed with coriander and orange peel.

Goose Island / 312 Urban Wheat Ale / 4.2%

Bringing craft brewing to Chicago in 1988, Goose Island Beer Co. draws inspiration from the history and culture of beer from around the world. Pouring 312 Urban Wheat Ale releases a frothy, bubbly head over the top of a hazy, deep yellow beer. Subtle notes of wheat and bread are complemented by notes of lemon rind and citrus. It’s zippy and refreshing but with a creamy mouthfeel that’s deceptively fuller-bodied than its appearance.