Wild Beer Co - August's Brewery of the Month

Millionaire: a chocolate and salted caramel stout. Wild Goose Chase: a tart beer, loaded with gooseberries and fermented with a yeast from a local orchard. Smoke ‘n’ Barrels: a lager using malts that have been smoked with cherry wood, rosemary and sage, all using a home built smoker. Yep, Wild Beer Co brewers certainly live up to their motto: Drink Wildly Differently. This is a brewery on a mission to change the perception of what a beer can be, while all the time keeping them incredibly drinkable.

Take one of our favourites, Sleeping Lemons for example. This is a beer brewed with lemons which have been preserved in-house in salt resulting in a hazy straw-coloured wheat has elegant aromas of lemon juice, lemon zest, biscuity malts and herbs. It’s a Gose, a German salty beer, but in a uniquely Wild Beer way. It’s incredibly refreshing.

Wild Beer Co also has one of the foremost barrel-aging programmes in the country. Walking onto their Somerset brewery, it is wood not stainless steel that dominates the scene (that’s if you can drag yourself past the cheese makers out front). It’s an area of beer production that is one of Wild Beer Co’s raison d’etre. The brewery was set up by Brett Ellis and Andrew Cooper, initially, to brew a dark beer that was both barrel-aged and used wild yeasts. The resulting beer was the style-defying Modus Operandi – quite a statement for the first beer. Since they have developed their barrel programme which requires a whole new brewing skill: the of blending.

However, that’s not to say they stay away from more recognisable beers. The ‘Fresh’ is a fine example of a pale ale, using both northern and southern hemisphere hops. However, in true Wild Beer style they keep mixing up the hop profile, but no matter blend, it’s always full of flavour.

In short, we’re very chuffed to have Wild Beer on board. And if it all sounded mildly gushing, then quite right, these guys make some of the best beer in the country.

If you're interested in sampling their wares, check out their 14 beer Mixed Case. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.