After many afternoons tasting new beers all in the name of range analysis and overhaul we’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to some of our stock in order to make room for the exciting new listings to the Beer Hawk range. We’ve included more selections from breweries we already stock and have listed some incredible new-to-us breweries.

At my urging we’ve also expanded certain beer styles that I wanted to drink more of at work felt needed a bit more representation. Let me explain to you why a couple of these styles are among my favorites and why we should all have more of them!

Sour Beers

I love all beers from this umbrella style. Despite some flavors that can best be described as "funk," rest assured these beers aren't off: they're meant that way! Sour beers can be described as everything from “wild beers” to the Berliner weisse.

Belgian lambics and gueuzes are known for their sour and dry features while beers like the German Berliner weisse or Flanders Reds achieve their funky sourness with help from various wild yeast strains and bacterias. These styles are incredibly versatile with food, fantastic in beer cocktails and remarkably refreshing.


If you’re looking for a refreshing and flavorful beer, then look no further than this style. It’s a very versatile style to brew and takes kindly to all sorts of additions: fruit, herbs, Lactobacillus, dry-hopping. Because of the variety I’ve turned my attention away from my former love—the hop-bomb IPA—in favor of the Saison because they’re much more drinkable.

Saisons may or may not have a tart quality to them but are generally more bitter than other Belgian styles. Always highly carbonated and dry, the Saison is fantastic at a warm-weather picnic and when you’re looking for an approachable beer for someone who doesn’t know what they like.

Wiper and True The Breeze Saison

I do hope that you're as stoked as I am that we're getting all these great beers in. Keep an eye out for more new ones as we expand further into a brewery's range or incorporate their seasonal one-offs and wacky experiments!