We’ve all been there, surprise visits from family, they spot your PerfectDraft sitting away holding your beer and the classic “Oh, what’s that you’ve got over there” line pops out. You know full well you’ve already dug into your last keg of Stella Artois and you haven’t even had a chance to order your next batch.

Make sure you’re stocked up on PerfectDraft Kegs

There’s over 50 different PerfectDraft kegs to choose from, check out our full range.

We’ve got some great ways to make sure you’re stocked up for all eventualities, especially when you’ve got five pals turning up ready to watch the game.

Save up to 15% with Multibuy

What is multibuy?

Multibuy is a great way to save more money when you buy more PerfectDraft kegs. The perfect solution for stocking up for mates coming round to watch the football.

Our Multibuy line-up changes weekly, meaning every Wednesday we will swap over the beers included so there’s plenty of different styles and tastes to suit all.

When you buy 3 kegs in our Multibuy Range you will save 10% - Buy any 6 kegs and you will save 15%. So not only are you giving your guests cracking beer with the game, you’re also saving yourself some pennies.

Keg Packs

If you’re only having a couple of people over and you’re looking to top up your supply, our Keg Packs are a great way to pick up a couple of kegs alongside some glassware to make sure you’re drinking in style with the game.

Camden Hells Keg Pack

Camden Hells is the perfect accompaniment for the football, it’s the perfect marriage of Helles and Pilsner styles and is a great refreshing beer packed with flavour. The glasses are stunning and there’s a bar runner included as well!

PerfectDraft Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Pack | Beer Hawk

Orchard Pig is the first cider in PerfectDraft kegs and an absolute favourite of our customers. It’s not overly fizzy which is perfect with food to go along with the game (we’ll get to the food soon!)

We’ve got a wide range of different keg packs so take a look and see which takes your fancy!

Picking food to go with your kegs

So you’ve picked which PerfectDraft kegs you and your guests are going to be enjoying. Let's get the perfect food to go along with your tipple of choice.


If you’ve opted for a lager such as Budweiser, Spaten, Camden Hells, Lowenbrau or Tennent’s you’re going to want to pair these up with some classic bar snacks. Think salty, or fried. Chips, salted peanuts, crisps or even getting a pizza ordered in. These lagers are going to be perfect to cut through salty and rich foods. To be honest they go with anything because they are so clean and refreshing!

Hefeweizen, Witbier or Weissbier

Well this has come at the perfect time with Franziskaner Royal re-launching this Draft Week. If you’re looking for the perfect food accompaniment to your wheat beer, think about spice. The sweetness compliments it perfectly. Order in a curry, or go with some wasabi peas to bring the heat!

IPAs & Pale Ales

With so many great IPA and Pale Ale kegs available from Adnams Ghost Ship, Vocation Life & Death, Brewdog Punk IPA and Goose Island IPA, you’ve got to make sure you're pairing your food right for you and your guests. A good start is turning up the heat. Something like spicy wings with a sriracha sauce, or even a burger with jalapenos on top. The IPAs and Pale Ales will cut nicely through the heat and compliment the flavours.


If you've opted for the extremely refreshing Orchard Pig you want to pair it with some classic BBQ dishes. Burgers, Hot dogs or maybe even a cheeky little steak sandwich. The best thing about Orchard Pig Reveller is the fact it's "more apples, less bubbles" approach means you can enjoy it with more hearty food without getting bloated. Nothing beats a pre-game burger, so make sure your pairing up you cider with something that's going to keep you satisfied for the full 90 minutes!

Making sure you’ve got pre-chilled beer!

Now this may seem a bit of a no-brainer, but the amount of times I have found myself with an empty keg and my back up not being pre-chilled is frightening. Here’s a few tips to making sure your beer keg switchover goes without a hitch.

The obvious one: The fridge

This one kind of explains itself. If you have room in your fridge make sure you have as many kegs as you will need for your guests in there at least a day before the big game. This will give them ample time to cool down and if you need to make a quick change during half-time you won't have any messing about waiting for you beer to reach that golden 3C.

Taking advantage of the cooler days

Now it’s starting to cool down after a ridiculously hot Summer, if you are stuck for fridge space, you can always utilise a garage, shed or even a shady area in the back garden. It will go a long way to making sure your kegs are pre-chilled whilst also making sure you aren’t having to decide whats more important - Cold beer or those chocolate yoghurts you definitely should have grown out of years ago (just me?!)

Mythbuster style

Now the fridge is a no-go, it’s an unseasonably hot day, and you’re out of ideas. Wait there, this one's dead simple and makes you feel like a below budget Mythbuster for the day. Grab a large bucket, fill it with cold water from the tap, stick as much ice as you can in there and then chuck some salt in. I won’t bore you with all the science behind why it actually cools the water and ice, but it does, and it also will help with cooling those kegs down ready for them to go into your PerfectDraft Machine.

DO NOT put your kegs in the freezer!

It seems like a fast way to cool your kegs, but it's also a potential recipe for disaster. This could cause your beer to go flat if left in too long, or even worse, cause the bag inside the keg to burst if the beer was to freeze. You don’t want to be caught short of liquid libations when you’re watching a 3-2 thriller and there’s 9 minutes of added time due to dodgy VAR decisions over who’s toenail was further ahead!

So that’s it, you’ve got the beer sorted, the food ideas ready to go and some sure fire ways to make sure you’re prepared for your guests to be drinking perfectly poured, cold pints when the whistle blows. There’s only a few weeks left until the big tournament kicks off so get your practice in for match-day hosting now, and be a pro by the time it inevitably makes its way home…