Styles of beer are based around similar flavours. Knowing what you’re looking for before you tuck in lets your taste buds look out for the more subtle bits.

All great beers taste of malt and hops to a varying degree. And on top of that:

  • A good ale has a little fruitiness
  • A good lager or Pilsner tastes clean and malty
  • A good stout or porter gives you chocolate and coffee tastes
  • A good wheat beer is tart and refreshing


Give it a once over

Feast your eyes on your beer – it won’t mind! How cloudy is it? How complex are the colours? How white is the head?

Twirl it

Swill the beer around the glass. Get it excited so the aromas are released.

Stick your nose in it

Smelling is believing. Mass produced beer smells of very little. Each beer from Beer Hawk has a wonderful whiff thanks to the quality ingredients – enjoy it!

Taste time!

Follow the wine tasters lead – let the beer cover your whole tongue so you enjoy the full range of flavours. Sweet tastes are more obvious at the front, happiness at the back, saltiness at the front and acidity at the back.